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Discover how modern technology and family values can deliver award winning pavement marking solutions nationally.

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Our Difference

We partner with retailers, restaurants, and property owners throughout the United States who demand the highest quality work and service from a company with integrity.

By doing this, we are able to form genuine and long-lasting partnerships that aim constantly at adding value to each partner’s specific facilities program. With this level of transparency & collaboration, we are able to leverage our self-performing crews’ flexibility and reach to deliver cost savings, specification consistency, and excellent quality across the United States.

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Parking Lot Lines

Our Pavement Services

We offer full-service pavement and concrete maintenance solutions for effective, safe, and appealing parking areas!

Parking Lot Line Striping

Our team of parking lot line striping, pavement marking and parking lot planning crews safely and accurately define complex parking lots. Our team of self-performing pavement professionals will give your customers a lasting first impression.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing protects and extends the life of your parking lots. Damaging and insidious water seeping through unsealed and unrepaired asphalt surfaces cause frost heaves, deep and widening cracks, potholes, alligatoring which can expose property owners to liability.

ADA Compliance

Parker Line Striping is a skilled and knowledgeable ADA partner. The Americans with Disabilities Act outlines proper access and parking regulations for property owners. Parker Line Striping ADA compliance teams will evaluate and update your parking lot today.


Sealcoating not only protects and seals asphalt surfaces but also extends the life of your parking lot while providing instant curb appeal. Parker Line Striping often pairs parking lot crack sealing and line striping with sealcoating for a comprehensive asphalt maintenance program which can also be performed by Parker Line Striping.


We partner with a vast variety of small, medium, and large clients across the country. No matter how large or small the job is, we deliver the same award-winning solutions with modern technology, family values, and unmatched customer service.

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Our Tradition

For over 50 years the Parker family has delivered excellent quality and faithful service in the commercial asphalt business.

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Parker Line Striping Proudly Services Across the USA

We have locations in:

Dekalb Junction, NY
Ocala, FL

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What our Customers have to say

Parker Line Striping has been our striper of choice at all of our Eastern locations for over a decade. They helped us create our proactive striping program & have carried it forward faithfully since.

-Facilities Manager

Parker Line Striping has a long-standing partnership with our company and has always performed excellent work for us.

-Director of Facilities

It is uncommon in our business to have company have the reach to self-perform striping work across a large geographical area. Working with Parker has allowed us to implement safety, brand, and functional parking lot specs quickly and efficiently. There is no disconnect between what you want and what you get – which is huge for us.

-Exterior Facilities Manager

Pavement Service Needs

lf you want to work with a company you can trust to manage your parking lot maintenance needs, reach out to Parker Line Striping today!

Our Affiliations

Parker Line Striping is recognized by several professional organizations dedicated to excellent business practices and expert services.