Crack Sealing

Prevent small cracks from becoming big problems with our crack sealing services!

Don’t Leave Cracks Unattended

Cracks in parking lots are not unusual. Unfortunately, neither is the eventual deterioration of the surface if those cracks are left unattended.

Preserve Your Investment

No single maintenance technique preserves and extends the life of your pavement as effectively as asphalt crack sealing. Stay ahead of cracks through annual maintenance and eliminate costly repairs that results from defective pavement not maintained. Parker Line Striping offers a well-tested, effective and economical way to proactively address asphalt crack repair.

Asphalt Cracking

Cracks that appear in properly constructed asphalt pavements are usually due to repeated temperature fluctuations that occur with the change of the seasons. One of the great strengths of asphalt pavement is that it can expand and contract with temperature changes without incurring damage. As asphalt ages, however, the liquid asphalt binding the aggregate together begins to dry out and lose flexibility. This is the most common cause of cracks and a natural part of the life of any asphalt pavement.

Structural Failures

Cracks can also form due to structural failure or other problems resulting from improper installation of the pavement. These types of cracks can be avoided, but only through proper asphalt pavement installation from the beginning. If dealt with quickly and effectively, however, even these types of cracks can be managed to help delay a total asphalt replacement for years.

Parker’s team of experienced asphalt crack repair specialists can accurately identify the particular problem that causes any asphalt crack and offer the right solution to keep asphalt cracking at bay.


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