Parking Lot Line Striping

The First Impression

Parker Line Striping has been a leader in commercial parking lot line striping services for over 50 years. We are a full-service provider for many of the nation’s largest chains including Walmart, Home Depot, Walgreens, Sam’s Club and many others. We serve a wide range of commercial industries and have unparalleled experience in the planning and execution of parking lot layout and marking.

A Superior Parking Experience with Parker Line Striping

Many business and property owners underestimate the importance of a well-planned and marked parking lot beyond beautification, yet there are many benefits. These include:

  • ADA Compliance
  • Brand and Property Enhancement
  • Proper Vehicle Traffic Flow
  • Proper Pedestrian Traffic Flow
  • Clearly Designated Parking Stalls
  • Safety & Security

Your customers will love your newly painted parking lot because it makes their parking experience go smoother as well as keeps them safer compared to parking lots that are lacking clear lot lining.

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Big Benefits To Your Business

Combined, these benefits can help ensure a good parking experience for employees and patrons, as well as provide a great return on the parking lot investment. Furthermore, a well-maintained parking lot with clear markings and signage will decrease the likelihood of accidents, and the liability of the property owner should one occur.

Long-Lasting Parking Lot Line Painting

Having the lines of your parking lot relined over and over again can be disruptive for your customers, we strive to make our parking lot lining last as long as possible for our clients. The exact lifespan of our lining services depends on multiple different factors such as the condition of the pavement or if there have been cracks sealed recently.

Parking Lot Line Striping Equipment

Along with our years of professional experience, we also use high quality stripping machines. This allows use to provide our clients with top-quality parking lot line stripping services in faster times than competitors. We can provide your business with a safe parking lot without disrupting the parking experience for your customers.

Get The Most Out Of Your Parking Lot

Many parking lots aren’t utilizing the space correctly, which makes it more difficult for your customers to park and shop. Our trained parking lot line striping professionals will help you develop a plan the get the most out of your parking lot. Provide your customers with the safest and most efficient parking experience and they will take notice.

Parking Lot Line Striping FAQ’s

Do I Need To Clean My Parking Lot Before Having It Painted?

Neglected parking lots tend to put a bad taste in customers’ mouths, leaving them wondering if other aspects of the business are neglected along with their parking lots. Well-maintained, welcoming parking lots will enable existing and new customers to view your business as one that cares about its customers! A few common deterrents include oil spots, potholes, faded or non-existant parking lot lines, and crumbling asphalt.

What Should the Maintenance of Parking Lots Look Like?

The frequency parking lot cleaning and maintenance will depend on numerous factors such as the amount of traffic the parking lot receives, the size of the parking lot, and the weather conditions the parking lot withstands. Parking lots in Southern states are less likely to withstand snow and ice, whereas Northern states’ parking lots regularly receive harsh wet and icy conditions. Thus, Southern parking lots may not need as much routine attention compared to Northern parking lots. In most cases, Southern parking lots are cleaned, evaluated, and maintained seasonally. For example, fall months will require regular sweeping and cleaning of dead leaves, and fallen tree branches, while spring months may require hosing down parking lots to eliminate excessive pollen and tree sap.

How Long Do Parking Lot Stripes Last?

The majority of parking lot stripes will need to be re-striped each year. If a parking lot receives more traffic than average, it may need to be re-striped every 4-6 months. As mentioned above, extremely hot or freezing temperatures can cause stripes to fade or crack sooner than anticipated.

How Thick and Wide Should Parking Lot Stripes Be?

On average, parking lot stripes are about 4 inches wide and about 15 millimeters thick. It takes 2 or 3 coats of paint for the stripes to achieve that thickness.

Who is Liable for ADA Parking Lot Striping

Building owners and landlords are jointly liable under the ADA for tenant violations. Path of travel obligations, constructed curb ramps, and excessive slopes in ADA parking spaces are common violations to be aware of. Parker Line Striping is well-versed when it comes to ADA compliance and will happily answer any questions you may have.

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