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Asphalt Sealcoating & Maintenance

Our asphalt sealcoating service is at the heart of our comprehensive maintenance plan offered to a wide range of industries. Our experience in Sealcoating spans over 5 decades with over 10 million square yards of asphalt sealed.

Maximize and Protect with Parker Line Striping

Through the knowledge and experience we’ve gained over the years, we can quickly and accurately identify the state of your asphalt property and what is needed to maximize its life cycle. By sealcoating asphalt properties soon after proper installation, and with a proper pro-active maintenance plan in place, Parker Line Striping can extend its life 10-15 years.

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Rain Protection sealing Asphalt

The Benefits of Sealcoating with Parker

When properly applied according to manufacturer specifications, a high-quality sealant offers many benefits and greatly enhances the return on your asphalt investment.

Prevent Oxidation

The sun’s ultraviolet rays harden and dry out asphalt pavements. This leads to the acceleration of raveling and erosion. Once this process starts it can reduce the thickness of your asphalt in just a few short years. Sealcoating combined with a regular maintenance program will greatly reduce the speed of this natural process.

Stop Weather Damage

Properly sealed cracks combined with sealcoating prevent the damaging effects of water penetration that occur over time. When sealcoating is a part of a regular maintenance routine that includes asphalt crack repair, it is the most effective way to prevent water infiltration and eliminate many costly repairs throughout the life of your asphalt.

Beautify Your Pavement

Regular sealcoating restores the asphalts’ rich black finish. Contrasted with freshly striped parking lot lines it also provides a safe and orderly business environment. The smooth even surface of sealed pavement makes maintenance, snow removal and sweeping less costly. The rich black finish of seal-coated asphalt is much more appeal for customers compared to asphalt this is filled with cracks and broken spots.

Resist Gas, Oil & Salt

Sealers and oil spot primers help your asphalt resist gas, oil seepage and other road chemicals – including alkalis and winter salts – that damage and shorten the life of your pavement. Hard Money Property explains that this will provide your parking lot with the longest lifespan possible which will benefit your customers experience as well as save you money in the long run.

Increase Safety on the Property

A well maintained parking lot is sound and free of defects that can potentially cause an accident. Keep your parking lot safe and efficient to use for your customers and it will eliminate headaches that may come up in the future. Protect your business from liability in the event there is an accident on your property with a properly sealed and maintained lot.

Asphalt Sealcoating Equipment

When sealing asphalt it is important to use high quality asphalt sealcoating equipment as this will give your surface the best possible finish. The trained professional as Parker Line Striping will use the best sealcoating equipment to provide our clients with the best result possible. We understand the value of sealing coating asphalt and the benefit of using high quality equipment compared to low quality equipment. This allows us to provide our clients with better service in a faster timeframe as to not disrupt normal business operations for our clients and their customers.

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Protect and revitalize your parking lot with Parker Line Striping’s professional sealcoating. Our dedication to customer service and quality work ensures that the job will get done efficiently and keep your parking lot looking attractive and appealing. Reach out to us today for a free quote!

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