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Asphalt Repairs

50 years of experience

Pothole Repair and Asphalt Repair for Parking Lots

If you’re looking for quality pothole / asphalt repairs, Parker Line Striping provides high quality, economical pothole and asphalt patching services.

Parker Line Striping has nearly 50 years experience in the repair and maintenance of asphalt parking lots. Our customers come from a wide range of industries that include large corporations, retail chains, property management companies and small businesses. Our high quality work and customer service has helped us maintain long term relationships with some of the nations largest brands.

Maximize the Life Cycle of your Pavement with Parker

As well-maintained asphalt reaches the end of its life cycle there is an increased need for regular asphalt repairs. Even after many years of proper maintenance, cracks and other natural defects become too large to manage. When left unattended these defects lead to “alligatoring” and potholes and must be addressed.

It’s also the case that property owners often inherit pavement that has never been maintained. When this occurs asphalt repairs are the first step in putting a parking lot back on track and maximizing its life potential.

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Identify Asphalt Defects

Parker’s team of asphalt experts are experienced in identifying all forms of asphalt defects and offering the best solution for the problem. We perform full depth asphalt patches on areas where the asphalt base needs replacing and skin patches where the defect is only on the surface. We carry effective hot and cold patch materials and fill potholes in a variety of weather and traffic conditions.

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